Golf Inconsistency – The #1 reason for golf swing inconsistency

For years I’ve been seeing articles and videos about the different components of your golf swing that cause inconsistency. If you try them all you’ll get tied up in knots… But golf swing inconsistency all stems from one of 2 deeper problems that are much easier to fix. Why don’t pros tell you about it?

“If it was easy, ANYONE could do it!”

So by leaving out information, or by ignorance, you don’t ever learn the real truth. But I’m not here to rant but rather to solve problems.

The first reason for golf swing inconsistency is Balance during setup AND during the golf swing. If you’ve read anything I’ve written, this is old news, but I continue to shout it from the roof tops and as of late it seems to get more attention. What’s funny is I give this information away for free and the pros teaching balance often STILL get it wrong. I can only shake my head…

Even pros feel it from time to time…

In this post I want to relate how the golf swing inconsistencies tie into balance.

Let’s start with one of the most popular problems pros talk about – Swing Plane. That’s a doozy because no matter how much you practice your swing plane, there is still no way to know if it’s right on the golf course until AFTER the ball is in the air… Too late.

Or is there?

There is! You see the simple fact is: If you monitor and keep your body in dynamic balance during your golf swing, you balance the whole body… including the golf club!

Here’s where golf swing inconsistency comes into play… There is ONLY ONE balanced swing plane for your body in balance.

The number of out-of-balance swing paths = infinity.

Let that sink in for a second…

So, if your swing path is off, you were out of balance… But if you maintain balance you don’t have to worry about your swing plane!

And that is why I get so frustrated with swing plane training!

So you are thinking, what if I want to draw the ball or fade it? No problem. Here’s the secret and it gets a little complicated – there are more than one balance configurations for your body depending on where you want to center your balance during the golf swing. You simply learn all three  balance configurations and you have three consistent shots, fade, straight and draw… All without ever trying to figure out where the golf club is during your backswing.

How about swing timing. Timing is a major factor in golf swing inconsistency. Most golfers swing too fast as if the swing is an Olympic timed event. when I ask them to slow their swing down, they can… until they are making a golf shot on the golf course. What is happening to cause that? The mind has gotten distracted by a conscious thought, probably about where the ball might go. I understand this is extremely difficult to correct. This problem is a mental one but with the right mindset, stemming from Balance, it can quickly be fixed.

The goal here is to occupy your mind with a visual process more stimulating than wondering where the ball will go… But how?

This is where balance comes in, but it will take some practice to build up confidence in where the ball WILL go without your conscious mind worrying about it.

Here’s the concept: If you move at a pace during your golf swing that is slow enough so you can monitor AND control your dynamic balance without throwing it off, you will hit the ball well and that pace will be your natural swing speed.

Remember that once your body starts moving IN dynamic balance it will fight to STAY in dynamic balance. Your conscious mind is the only thing that can screw that up. But your conscious mind has to have proof that what your are doing will get the results you want. That’s where the practice comes in. The only way you will convince your conscious mind that balance works is by practicing away from the golf course. By practicing balance monitoring ONLY at the range, you will start to see consistent results and your conscious will build confidence in the process.

The first time you go to the golf course, other factors will get in the way and your conscious will doubt you and cause problems… Trust me, you will think that golf swing inconsistency is repairable. And it will be frustrating but at that crucial moment you have two choices: give up or show the conscious again that balance works.

If you want to make the fastest progress, you have to fix it on the course, which isn’t easy. On the golf course you have to tell yourself to let go of consequences of where the ball will go and act as if you are hitting the ball back on the driving range. Once you can do that on the golf course you will have taught your conscious mind two things: Balance works… and STOP worrying!

I know golfers who struggle with this every time they go out. I can talk them through it, but they can’t do it themselves.

Here’s the secret: To cure golf swing inconsistency, before you step foot on the golf course you have to remind yourself about what is of most importance during the round. If you are working on monitoring balance, than don’t play for score. Play every shot with the goal of knowing that you knew your balance during the shot. Let everything else just happen and see what happens. You may be amazed at the results.

That ‘s all for now.

For the long term cure, it’s all in my book: