Free Golf Newsletter #1

So what does it take to succeed and achieve your golf game goals?

Every year, Vince Lombardi would start his season with the same words: “Gentlemen, this is a football.” Even though his players were high caliber veterans, Lombardi left nothing to chance. he started with the basics, the purpose of the game, the goal of the game.

When planning a trip, you start with the end in mind. Without a destination, there is no way to plan the trip.

So, what’s the goal with your golf game? Are you looking for low scores? Do you want to compete… And win? Do you just want to get around the course without losing a dozen golf balls?

The first step is to make that decision, create your goal.

Step two is how to get there. Take stock of where your game is now. What are your strong points and your weak points. If you don’t know, it’s time to start keeping stats. The fastest way to improve your golf game is to find the weakest part of your game and work on improving it. Start writing down your putts, fairways, and greens. Write down your saves and as bad as it will be to take… write down the wasted shots and what caused them.

For most, the weakest part of your golf game is consistency. One week your putting is off, the next it’s your driver and the following week, your irons are all over the place. So how do you improve if you never know what part of your golf game is going to show up? I know the feeling.

Two questions:

  • How often do you practice?
  • How do you practice?

Woody Allen once said that the secret of success was just showing up. I’d like to adjust that to, “showing up consistently”.  So if you practice once every 2 weeks, can you expect to see improvement?

Second: If you go to the range and blindly hit balls out into nowhere, what are you improving? On the golf course every shot has a distance and a target. If you remove those 2 elements, you’re just working your muscles… and in many cases OVER-working your muscles. (I’ve seen range rats who beat hundreds of balls every night wondering why they never improve.)

So… Gentlemen… This is a golf ball…

It all starts and ends with the golf ball. The golf ball is the target. It’s the reason you swing the golf club… To move the golf ball. Knowing how and why the golf ball moves is the start.

Do you ever wonder why you slice? It starts with how the club and the golf ball interact. Once you know that, you can work backwards to figure out the root cause. Once you know the root cause you can fix it and end your struggles with the slice forever… And mark that problem off of your list.

Is distance your issue? It’s a complicated one because you have to understand the physics and difference between speed and momentum and how either one affects the golf ball.

And of course there is consistency. If you don’t know from shot to shot which way the golf ball will go, you need to start by understanding what creates consistency and inconsistency of movement in the body.

And once you understand all of that, you STILL need to understand how the brain and body react to practice so you can make every shot in play and practice count toward moving your game forward.

I think we have a full plate here, but a lot depends on you. I need to know where you, the reader stands with your golf game. What are your struggles. What do YOU want to fix. None of my words matter if they don’t help you.

Leave a comment and let me know where you stand and what you would like to accomplish with your golf game.

I’m back once again to serve you.