Golf Starts with Balance

In every lesson I teach I always start with the one element a golf swing CANNOT exist without – Balance. But balance is so much more than any other instructor will teach you. balance is the key ingredient AND it’s where the rest of the game, including your mental game starts.

In Golf Swing Control, I give you the first lessons on balance free. I often get questions as to why I give away the ground breaking information that will straighten out just about any golfer’s game for free. It is because it is just the start of a golf game that few golfers ever get to experience.

The golf game I am describing is one where you are not frustrated, even if you hit a few bad shots. You really enjoy playing the game, the scenery, and the company you play with. It all starts with balance.

I had a question from a member who wanted to know how the mental game and balance are attached. The following is my explanation.

In lesson one you have to feel where the weight is under your feet. If you can describe where the weight is, it means you are describing the picture that your subconscious has created from that feel. In other words, even though you may not realize it yet, you have tapped into your subconscious and can see what the subconscious sees when it interprets feel.

In lesson two, you take the picture from lesson one and adjust it and your body responds. You may not realize that you have done this, but if your body responded by walking correctly, that is how the brain accomplished this task.

In lesson 3 you must feel your feet as you look away to make sure you are staying on the proper parts of them for balance. The reason you look away is so that the subconscious has NO CHOICE but to make sure you are in balance.

Here’s the sneaky part… In order to place your feet properly, you must keep a picture in your head of where the ball is relative to your feet. That visualization is what starts the visualization process for the shot.

In lesson 4, as you make the backswing, you monitor your weight AND control where it goes using the feet. Your golf swing follows the weight in the feet, your swing plane is a result of how you control the weight in the feet. The shot shape is a result of where you move the weight in your feet. Your swing tempo is a result of taking the time to feel and control where you feel the weight under your feet as you make your backswing.

Because the subconscious changes all of the feel in your feet to subconscious pictures, you are visualizing live images and all of the control is a result of your mind/body communication. The more you do this, the better your mind gets at doing it until it is second nature.

Golf is a game played mostly in the mind. In the 4 hours of a standard round of golf, your physical activity of swinging a club or putting is actually only around 40 minutes or less. During that time, your subconscious mind must be engaged to get the best results. The rest is conscious. When you aren’t thinking about a shot, you may be enjoying good conversation. That’s part of the game as well.

When it gets down to it, golf teaches you to shift mind sets, changing from conscious focus to subconscious focus and then conscious relaxation. It’s not something that you do in most other sports.

The next time you’re out on the golf course try to be aware of the mind you are using at any moment and I think you’ll get a different appreciation for what the game is doing for you.

Hit’m well,

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9 thoughts on “Golf Starts with Balance”

  1. Worked through your setup routine and saw an amazing difference in quality and consistency of performance. My weight had been too far back on my heels and my spine too erect. Compensations followed, as they had to, and these compensations could not be grooved consistently. Getting set up correctly removed the need for these compensating moves.

  2. Truly appreciate all you are giving us. Purchased your lessons a while ago so these blogs/videos are great refreshers…thanks

  3. Great analysis and is so true to start with this a the key component in building a reliable and consistant game. Like the old saying you can’t force the feel, but, feel the force can only be accomplished with prpoer balance.

  4. Tracy,

    I purchased and downloaded your video series a few years ago. I have subsequently purchased a new computer and apparently lost the downloaded video series. Is there any way that I can get it again seeing that I have already paid for it? Please advise. Best videos I have seen. Thanks.

    Pat Moran
    Waukesha, WI

  5. Continue to have trouble getting hip action with weight ship to left side thus still coming out to in with poor contact

  6. Your teaching methods are the best I have seen in my 82 years. I am hitting the drives 230-260 and I have slowed the tempo of my swing dramatically. Your work on setup is excellent and you have simplified the instruction to understandable prose.

    Thank you

  7. I have been working through your program and at 65 years old my golf shots are consistenly better that anything experienced in the past, my handicap has dropped from 13 to 10 in 4 weeks.
    The issue for me was adding the tilt which I obviously did naturally, hence over tilt & difficulty getting the balance resulting in swinging around my body. As part of the setup routine I now take my right hand off the club and replace it as per your instruction on checking the shoulder tilt and the magic is back.
    Honestly, I have packed away the many golf instruction books I own & do not read golf instruction online ( except yours) – I never want to loose the exhilaration I get from playing golf in balance.
    I firmly believe you are the vehicle to achieve what previously was only a dream of a single figure handicap – I hope you are proud of what you have achieved.

    1. Peter,
      I am humbled every time I receive an email like this. Thank you for your kind words. It make all of the work that goes into the research, maintaining the websites, and writing the books all worth the time spent. Let me know if you have further questions that i may be able to help you with.

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